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Tag: Cadbury Report (4)
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Theory of corporate governance
Tags: Stakeholders;Corporate governance;Agency;Cadbury Report;UK Corprate Governance Code
Relations with shareholders
Tags: AGM;EGM;Proxy;OFR;Annual report;Disclosure;Corporate governance;UK Corporate Governance Code;Institutional investors;Cadbury Report
The board of directors
Tags: Nominations committee;Performance evaluation;Insider dealing;Disclosure;Wrongful trading;Fraudulent trading;Disqualification;Service contract;CPD;AGM;Induction;NEDs;Two-tier board;Unitary board;Board meetings;FRC;UK Corporate Governance Code;Tyson Report;Higgs Report;Cadbury Report
Governance, risk and ethics
Tags: Corporate governance;UK Corporate Governance Code;Cadbury Report;agency theory;Stakeholder theory;Internal control
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