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Tag: Internal control (5)
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Audit and compliance
Tags: Audit;Compliance;Internal audit;External audit;Audit committee;Fianacial audit;Operational audit;VFM audit;Social audit;Environmental audit;Management audit;Internal control;Ethical threats
Audit committee
Tags: Audit committee;Compliance;Internal control;Internal audit;External audit;Post-completion review
Internal control systems
Tags: Controls;supervision;Segregation of duties;SPAMSOAP;COSO;Internal control;SOX;King Report;Risk management;Turnbull;APB;UK Corporate Governance Code;Compliance
Governance, risk and ethics
Tags: Corporate governance;UK Corporate Governance Code;Cadbury Report;agency theory;Stakeholder theory;Internal control
Internal Systems of Control
Tags: Internal control;Control;fraud;laws and regulations;deficiencies in control
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