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Tag: culture (5)
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Handy on Corporate Culture
Tags: culture;Handy;task culture;role culture;power culture;person culture
Hofstede on Culture
Tags: culture;Hofstede;Individualism;collectivism;Uncertainty avoidance;Power distance index;Masculinity;femininity;Long term orientation;Confucianism dynamism
Schein on Organisational Culture
Tags: culture;Schein;artefacts;espoused values
Organisational Culture
Tags: culture;Handy;Schein;Hofstede
Managing strategic change
Tags: change;change management;transformation;realignment;incremental change;big bang;evolution;adaptation;revolution;reconstruction;culture;cultural web;Lewin;unfreezing;refreezing;force field;resistance to change;Kotter and Schlesinger;leadership styles;Balogun and Hope Hailey;KAnter
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