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Tag: equity (9)
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Equity Finance
Tags: finance;equity;equity finance;rights issue;placing;retained profits;public issue;flotation
Rights Issues
Tags: rights issue;pre-emption rights;TERP;equity finance;equity
Tags: placings;equity finance;equity
Public issues of shares
Tags: public offer;Fixed price offer;Offer for sale by tender;issuing houses;investment banks;equity finance;equity
Tags: equity;flotation;listing;public offer;introduction;placing;listing requirements;issuing houses;investment banks
Case Law
Tags: Common law;equity;doctrine of judicial precedent;ratio decidendi;obiter dicta
The Statement of Changes in Equity
Tags: Statement of changes in equity;equity
The Elements of the Financial Statements
Tags: elements of the financial statements;assets;liabilities;income;expenses;equity
Corporate Financing
Tags: corporate finance;equity;debt;preference shares;cost of capital;issue costs;gearing;Islamic finance;financial management;finance
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