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Tag: finance (5)
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Equity Finance
Tags: finance;equity;equity finance;rights issue;placing;retained profits;public issue;flotation
Finance for SMEs
Tags: finance;SME;funding gap;share incentive schemes;venture capital;business angels;enterprise Investment scheme;EIS;venture capital trusts;VCT;small firms loan guarantee scheme;SFLGS;regional selective assistance;RSA;enterprise grants;training loans;european investment bank;EIB;european investment fund;EIF
Islamic Finance
Tags: Islamic finance;Musharaka;Sukuk;Ijara;Murabaha;Riba;Sharia;finance
Debt finance
Tags: debt finance;debt;finance;Deep discount bonds;Zero coupon bonds;bonds;loan notes;overdraft;bank loans;convertibles;warrants;leasing;operating leases;finance leases;sale and leaseback
Corporate Financing
Tags: corporate finance;equity;debt;preference shares;cost of capital;issue costs;gearing;Islamic finance;financial management;finance
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