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Tag: gearing (4)
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Financial Position Analysis
Tags: gearing;Interest cover;ratios;ratio analysis;analysis of financial statements;financial statement analysis
Theories of Gearing
Tags: gearing;theories of gearing;traditional theroy of gearing;modiglini and miller;M&M;pecking order theory;static trade off theory;gaering drift;bankruptcy risk
Financial Performance Indicators (FPIs)
Tags: financial performance measures;FPIs;profitability;liquidity;gearing;investor ratios;EBITDA;gross margin;net margin;ROCE;asset turnover;inventory holding period;Return on capital employed;current ratio;quick ratio;acid test ratio;Receivables collection period;debtors collection period;Payables period;creditors period;Financial gearing;Interest cover;Earnings Per Share;EPS;Dividend cover;Dividend yield;Earnings yield;shareholder value;ratio analysis;ratios
Corporate Financing
Tags: corporate finance;equity;debt;preference shares;cost of capital;issue costs;gearing;Islamic finance;financial management;finance
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