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Tag: investment appraisal (6)
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Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
Tags: modified internal rate of return;MIRR;IRR;investment appraisal
Discounted payback
Tags: discounted payback;payback period;investment appraisal
Tags: duration;macauley duration;discounted payback;payback period;investment appraisal;convexity
Further aspects of investment appraisal
Tags: investment appraisal;risk adjusted WACC;adjusted present value;APV;comapny WACC
Investment appraisal
Tags: investment appraisal;time value of money;relevant cash flows;maximising shareholder value
Basic investment appraisal techniques
Tags: capital investment;investment appraisal;ROCE;Return on capital employed;payback;cash flows;constant annual cash flows
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