Belbin's team role theory

Belbin's team role theory

Belbin suggested that, in order for a team to operate effectively, it needed a balance of nine different roles.

    • Leader - the co-ordinator, a balanced and disciplined person, good at working with others.
    • Shaper - a dominant, extrovert personality, task driven to the point of passion, a force for action.
    • Plant - introvert, intellectually bright and imaginative who acts as a source of ideas.
    • Monitor-evaluator - not creative but analytical, often tactless, examines ideas and spots flaws.
    • Resource-investigator - popular social member of the team, a useful source of contacts but not ideas.
    • Company worker - the administrator and organiser, a trustworthy person.
    • Team-worker - concerned with the maintenance of the team.
    • Finisher - enjoys the detail, pushes the team to meet targets.
    • Expert - joins the team when specialist advice is required on matters outside the competence of the team.
    Note that Belbin was not arguing that every team has to have a minimum of nine members. Individuals within the team may take on more than one role each. As long as all the roles are filled, the team will be more likely to be effective.
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