Bennis - transformational leadership

Bennis - transformational leadership

Bennis argued that there were two types of leaders:

Transactional leaders who see the relationship with their followers in terms of a trade: they give followers rewards and in exchange they expect service, loyalty and compliance.

Transformational leaders who see their role as inspiring and motivating others to work at levels beyond mere compliance. Only transformational leadership can change team or organisational cultures and move them in a new direction.

Bennis also argued that there was no 'right way' to lead. He set out some generic skills that strong leaders should display:

  • the management of attention - leaders must create a compelling cause or vision that will inspire or focus the attention of those that they lead
  • the management of meaning - leaders must be able to communicate this cause or vision effectively to the group
  • the management of trust - a good leader must be consistent and honest in all their interactions with their group
  • the management of self - leaders should always be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

This is an example of a contingency approach to leadership.

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