Matrix Structure

Matrix Structure

When looking at the subject of organisational structures, matrix structures are often a natural progression from functional or divisional structures as firms seek to gain the advantages of each.

What is a matrix structure?

  • A matrix structure aims to combine the benefits of decentralisation (e.g. speedy decision making) with those of co-ordination (achieving economies and synergies across all business units, territories and products).
  • It usually requires employees from various departments to form a group to achieve a specific target.
  • They require dual reporting to managers and the diagram shows a mix of product and functional structures.
  • For example in a university, a lecturer may have to report to both subject and department heads.
a matrix structure

Advantages & disadvantages of matrix structures


  • In today's rapidly changing environment, there is a need for effective coordination in very complex situations. If a car manufacturer wants to design, produce and market a new model, the process involves most parts of the organisation and a flexible/adaptable system is needed to achieve the objectives. The more rigid structure experienced in a divisional company would not have the flexibility to be able to coordinate the tasks and the people, whereas the matrix structure can cope.
  • The production managers could be replaced with customer managers, in which case the whole team will be focussed on meeting the needs of the customer.


  • Where the matrix structure can cause difficulty is in the lines of control. These may become ambiguous and conflict with each other. A team member may be answerable to the product manager and to a functional head, and this may cause confusion and stress. Time consuming meetings may be required to resolve the conflict, so resulting in higher administration costs.

Other types of structures

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