Criminal Law

Criminal Law


Criminal law relates to conduct that the government considers wrong, damaging to individuals or society or is otherwise unacceptable. The government seeks to control this behaviour by criminalising it.

Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is used to take action against those suspected of committing offences identified by criminal law. The criminal justice system includes all elements of the criminal process including the initial investigation of a crime through to acquittal or to conviction and sentence in the criminal courts.

In criminal law cases are brought by the state in the name of the Crown. A criminal case will be reported as 'Regina vs ........' with 'Regina' referring to the Queen.

Burden of Proof

In a criminal court the burden of proof is that the case must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. This is the standard of evidence that must be presented by the prosecution for their case to be upheld. This is a difficult to define precisely but in essence it means that there must be no reasonable doubt in the mind of as reasonable person as to the guilt of the defendant if they are to be found guilty. If there is reasonable doubt they cannot be found guilty.

Guilt in a Criminal Court

If found guilty in a criminal court the defendant will be sentenced accordingly. This includes a range of punishments from fines through to imprisonment.

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