Motivating staff is a key aspect of influencing staff behaviour and a topic of concern for every manager or leader.


Motivation refers to the willingness of individuals to perform certain tasks or actions. It is the incentive or reason for them behaving in a particular way.

In practice, motivation is taken as meaning how hard an employee is willing to work in their job. It goes beyond employees merely following rules and orders and looks at how dedicated they are.

Just because someone is talented and able, it does not necessarily follow that they will work effectively. Often the missing "secret ingredient" is motivation.

Theories about motivation usually fall into two main groups:

Unfortunately, motivation is difficult to measure directly, meaning that managers have to look at other factors which may indicate the level of motivation within the organisation, such as staff turnover or productivity levels. However, these factors could also be caused by other issues within the organisation rather than simply poor motivation. For instance, low productivity may be caused by poor working practices within the organisation, rather than unhappy staff.

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